Sunday, October 24, 2010

NFL Fantasy Football Week 7

It is a week of byes!  Half of my wide receivers and running backs are off this week, so there was a mad rush to try to pick up the best remaining options from the waiver wire.  This is the team I am working with this week:

QB1 - Joe Flacco
QB2 - Matt Cassel
WR1 - Roddy White
WR2 - Mike Williams
WR3 - Patrick Crayton
RB1 - Frank Gore
RB2 - Chris Ivory
TE - Antonio Gates
K - Stepen Gostkowski
DEF - New Orleans Saints

QB - Jay Cutler
QB - Michael Vick
WR - Andre Johnson (Bye)
WR - Calvin Johnson (Bye)
RB - Arian Foster (Bye)
RB - Jahvid Best (Bye)

It is going to be a tough week as I am up against a team with Aaron Rogers and Larry Fitzgerald.  Lets see how it plays out.  Good luck to me!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to an unbelievable show by Roddy White (32 points), win # 5 was mine :)